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Disconnectable Connector Gaffs LCD Inverters

Accommodating the further miniaturization of LCD backlighting inverters and the replacement of transformers with piezoelectric devices, the Series BHL connectors feature an extra-low profile of only 2.8 mm after mounting. Electrical creepage distance is said to be sufficient for high voltage, 1,400 Vac/dc, use. The disconnectable, crimp style connector is available in two circuits rated at 1.0 Aac/dc, capable of withstanding up to 3,800 Vac for one minute. Wire sizes AWG #28 to #24 are accommodated and operating temperature range is from -25(C to +85(C. Surface mount headers are provided on embossed tape for automatic insertion equipment. J.S.T. CORPORATION, Waukegan, IL. (800) 947-1110.

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