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DPOs Test Complex Signals In A Variety Of Environments

The TDS3000B family of digital phosphor oscilloscopes (DPOs) provides increased power and portability for engineers testing dynamic, complex signals in a wide range of environments. Manufactured by Tektronix Inc., these DPOs implement new capabilities suggested by users of the TDS3000 series oscilloscopes.

These devices incorporate WaveAlert Waveform Anomaly Detection, which automatically detects anomalous waveforms. With this feature, it's easy to detect events that fall outside the normal repetitive patterns of waveform activity. In addition to highlighting the anomalous waveform, WaveAlert can be programmed to beep when such a waveform is detected. Also, it can be programmed to stop acquisition and freeze the anomaly on the screen, save the anomalous wave to disk, or print a hard copy of the waveform.

The TDS3000B series DPOs include the e*Scope Web-based remote control capability. This enables remote instrument control via an Internet browser and information sharing and monitoring.

A built-in Ethernet con-nection also is provided as standard equipment on all models. Tektronix says the TDS3000B is the first mid-priced oscilloscope with these networking features built in.

These oscilloscopes are designed to accept up to four application modules simultaneously. While the FFT (TDS3-FFT) and triggering (TDS3TRG) modules are standard on all models in this family, five optional modules are currently available. These include telecom masks (TDS3TMT), video (TDS3VID, TDS3SDI), and advanced analysis and limit testing.

The TDS3000B series of digital phosphor oscilloscopes is now available. Pricing starts at $3395 and ranges up to $9995.

Tektronix Inc., 14200 S.W. Karl Braun Dr., P.O. Box 500, Beaverton, OR 97007; (800) 426-2200; fax (503) 627-3678; Internet: www.tektronix.com.

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