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Early Warning System Reduces Industrial Downtime

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NetAlert suite is a complete, multilayer DeviceNet diagnostic solution aiding users in certifying new DeviceNet industrial network installations. The suite consists of the PowerMonitor and TrafficMonitor, which integrate power quality and data analysis instruments with status indicators into the DeviceNet cabling for early fault detection, and the handheld NetMeter tool for analyzing DeviceNet power quality, the data bit quality, and the message stream with an intuitive user interface to identify and isolate both network-wide and device-specific problems. This combination of products address power, wiring, interface card and network configuration problems. The PowerMonitor is a computerized power analyzer integrated into a tee connector or bus terminator that continuously samples the power bus voltage and reports the conditions via LED indicators. The TrafficMonitor tee connector uses a high-speed RISC processor, analysis circuit and six LEDs to indicate both bandwidth usage and message transmission error rate. The pricing for the NetMeter is $990, the TrafficMonitor $148 in a tee connector format, the PowerMonitor is $76 in a tee connector format, and the PowerMonitor in cable terminator format is $69.

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