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Eight-Channel Quadrature Encoder Features 48-Bit Resolution

A high-speed quadrature encoder module provides simultaneous input and decoding for up to eight incremental quadrature encoders at resolutions of 16, 32, or 48 bits. The USB-QUAD08 data acquisition device includes eight quadrature counters with indicator LEDs to support differential or single-ended inputs and features multiple programmable counting modes. The counters have less than 10 ns jitter, and accept inputs up to 10 MHz. Streaming speed to the PC is software-configurable up to 8 Msample/s. The module, which is powered through the USB bus, can also serve as a high-speed pulse counter for general counting applications. The eight digital I/O bits support up to 42.2 Vpeak (50 V dc). The USB-QUAD08 has detachable screw terminals, and a 37-pin D-sub connector, pin-compatible with the company’s PCI-QUAD04. A 2-m USB cable is included, and a 1-m DB37F-to-4 by DB9F (C37F-4X9F-1M) cable is optional for connecting the device to four encoders via the 37-pin D-sub connectors. MEASUREMENT COMPUTING, Norton, MA. (508) 946-5100.



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