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ESD Simulator Features Wide Pulse Range

Consisting of a controller and a gun linked by a detachable 12-ft. cable, Model 930C electrostatic discharge (ESD) simulator is designed to provide extensive ESD simulation capabilities as a result of its ability to generate pulses ranging from ±500V to 26,000V. The system has four modes of operation: auto count, allowing the user to select from 1-9 discharges pulsed at rates of 3 per second to 1 every 20 seconds; free run for continuously discharging at the selected rate; and air discharge and manual operation, which are controlled by switches on the gun.In addition, the system's standard, 1500 ohm/100 pF R/C network can be replaced with other plug-in networks to configure the simulator to meet IEC 801-2 (1991 & 1984) and other industry standards. The control unit features a low-voltage power supply with LED status indicators, system timing electronics, controls, and more.


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