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Fiber Optic Amp Handles A Myriad Of Tasks

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The new FVDK 10x69Y0 single-channel, photoelectric fiber optic amplifier is designed to perform multiple functions including object and contrast detection, background suppression, and automatic teach-in. It is available with three settings: high speed (HS), standard (nL), and high sensitivity (HP). It can detect objects as small as 15 µm in high-sensitivity mode, as well as transparent objects. It can also distinguish very fine contrasts using a red or blue LED light-source. Other features include a response time of 120 µs, an adjustable output pulse width function, and sensing ranges up to 1.4m with 1 mm2 through-beam fibers or up to 0.5m with 1 mm2 standard reflective fibers. Depending on sensing distance, software automatically optimizes resolution in a six-step pattern. Resolution at close range is less than 0.25 of maximum sensing distance. For pricing info, call BAUMER ELECTRIC, LTD., Southington, CT. (800) 937-9336.

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