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First Plastic LED Lamp Readies For Outdoor Chores

First Plastic LED Lamp Readies For Outdoor Chores

A joint effort combining the talents of Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd. and Teijin Limited achieves what both entities are dubbing the world’s first LED lamp for outdoor illumination employing a completely plastic housing except for the bayonet cap. Instead of traditional aluminum, the lamp housing is made of a high thermal conductivity resin combining Teijin’s Raheama carbon material with polycarbonate resin (fig. 1).

Named LED EYELAMP (fig. 2), Iwasaki Electric plans to release the plastic lamp by the end of this year. The unit weighs 300g, which is about the same weight as a common self-ballasted mercury-vapor lamp while consuming approximately one tenth the amount of power. It is compatible with existing fixtures and lasts 40,000 hours, reported as being seven times longer than a conventional lamp. Compared again to self-ballasted mercury-vapor lamps that are consistently available in 3,100K (Ra58), the LED EYELAMP debuts in a warm-colored 3,000K (Ra80) model and a white 6,500K (Ra70) version.

With the EYELAMP, Iwasaki Electric hopes to create more applications for illuminated signs, indoor factory and industrial environments, as well as decorative and general lighting for designers and architects. It believes initial sales of the lamp will be in the realm of 30,000 units annually. As a result, Teijin expects to expand the market for its Raheama material in LED and other applications, aiming to sell several hundred tons annually by 2015. As per Teijin, demand is increasing for advanced materials that help keep operations cool through heat dissipation, which is becoming more important for boosting efficiency.

Aside from further advancements made by the EYELAMP on the solid-state lighting front and the technological advantages derived thereof, it may be fair to ask if the focus of this product is that of being a first. In this case, is being the first plastic LED housing of any consequence and is the housing truly plastic or a unique and proprietary material?

For further information, visit Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd. and Teijin Limited.

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