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Flashlight Doubles As AC Voltage Detector

Designed to illuminate the work area when tracing ac circuits in dark areas or behind equipment, the SenseLite is a battery-powered flashlight with a noncontact ac voltage detection circuit and a red LED indicator. This compact, high-intensity unit can be handheld, placed in a stand, or clipped to a hat or sleeve. The pocket flashlight can be used to detect the presence of ac voltage at a socket, switch, or wire. The user simply places the flashlight near the area to be tested and presses the power button. If there is an ac voltage present, the red LED will shine brightly. This unit features a 100,000-hour bulb. It's powered by a standard AAA battery. The SenseLite measures 0.63 by 0.083 by 2.8 in. and weighs only 0.9 oz, including the battery. The SenseLite costs $19.99 each and is available for immediate delivery.

B&K Precision Corp.
www.bkprecision.com; (714) 921-9095

TAGS: Components
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