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Flat Panel Lamp Achieves Instant Uniform Light

A new flat panel light source has been designed to achieve uniform bright light instantly. The Osram Planon can be dimmed with minimal color shift, is mercury-free, and is said to last 100,000 hours. Sporting a 3/8" thick profile, the flat panel lamp system attains uniform brightness up to 8,800 cd/m² with instant-on and restrike in 50 ms. Suitable for a wide range of lighting applications, this self-contained lamp is unaffected by switching cycles. Operating temperature ranges from –30°C to +85°C, and screen size ranges from 10" to 23" diagonal. Consisting of an excimer discharge flat fluorescent light source, a 24 Vdc inverter, and optional diffusers, the lamp system is dimmable down to 20%. Yielding up to twice the maintained brightness of hot- and cold-cathode fluorescent lamps, the Planon’s shape and high output make it useful for LCD and other backlight applications, architectural effect lighting, signage, medical and task lighting. Pricing starts at $295. GILWAY TECHNICAL LAMP, Woburn, MA. (781) 935-4442.


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