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Fluorescent Ballasts Slash Component Counts

The IRS2530D and IRS2158D 600-V controllers from International Rectifier, Inc. are suited for dimming fluorescent lighting ballast applications. According to IR, the controllers promise to boost efficiency while trimming down component counts.

The IRS2530D DIM8, a linear dimming ballast control IC, integrates a half-bridge driver in an eight-pin form factor. Requiring only several small external components, the device simplifies and shrinks circuit designs and delivers a dimming system performance up to 10% for compact fluorescent lamps as well as linear ballasts. The IRS2158D 16-pin fluorescent dimming ballast controller with half-bridge driver targets applications requiring dimming performance below 10%.

Protection features such as protection from failure of a lamp to strike, filament failures, and end-of-life protection are on chip, making the device suitable for thin lamps including T5. Prices for the IRS2530D and IRS2158D are $1.09 and $1.29 each/10,000.

International Rectifier


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