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Ford Edge Using Light-Diffusing Compounds From RTP

When Visteon, a global automotive supplier, needed a LED lighting solution for the interior of the Ford Edge crossover SUV, it chose the latest technology from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors that uses RTP Company’s light-diffusing plastic compounds. RTP and OSRAM worked closely together to develop the climate-control lighting in the Edge’s cockpit. The light-diffusing compounds provided an ideal contrast to the vehicle’s metallic finish.

With the expert manipulation of dye and pigment combinations, RTP’s light-diffusing compounds can shift the color of an illuminated graphic, for example, from blue to green by filtering specific wavelengths of the emitted light. This color-converting technology provides designers with a wider range of color options for interiors. It can also be used with white LEDs to fine-tune the color temperature in both warm white and cool white spectrums.

“Because LEDs can help customize a lighting scheme to enhance branding, interior lighting LEDs and light-diffusing materials are gaining the attention of engineers and designers,” said Dave Pahl, market manager for automotive at RTP Company. “Our light-diffusing compounds can be used to shift or manipulate the intensity and emitted color of a backlit component. They also provide consistency by eliminating hot spots, which is critical to achieving compelling interior lighting harmony.”

Ford Edge

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