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Gas Gauge IC Suits Lithium Batteries

Designed for system or battery pack integration, the bq2052 Gas Gauge IC accurately tracks the battery pack's voltage, temperature and remaining capacity. The IC monitors the critical parameters of Lithium Sulfur Dioxide (LiSO2) and Lithium Manganese Dioxide (LiMnO2) battery packs that are used in military communications radios, test and measurement equipment, and other military portable applications. The bq2052 communicates the battery pack information to a host system controller using a single-wire communications port, or lights a programmable LED pattern to indicate remaining battery capacity with the touch of a button. The chip integrates a highly sensitive voltage-to-frequency converter for capacity measurement, an A/D converter for battery temperature and voltage measurement, and a temperature-stable time base. The IC automatically compensates the remaining capacity for battery inefficiencies based on discharge rate and temperature to provide an accurate indication of the capacity left in the pack.


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