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Get "Inside" Portable Solar-Powered Lighting Systems

Those looking to convert sunlight into electricity for indoor lighting can use Series SLR0001 and SLR0002 solar-powered LED 12-V lighting systems. The systems include everything required for the task. The SLR001 features a 10-W solar panel and three 12/14-V white 24-LED cluster lamps. It powers the lamps for approximately eight hours, emitting 36 end lumens per bulb. The lower-cost SLR002 system has a 5-W solar panel and three 12/14-V white nine-LED cluster lamps. Driving the lamps for 16 hours, the SLR002 produces 14 end lumens per bulb. The SLR001 and SLR002 cost $365 and $240 each, respectively.

LEDtronics Inc.
(800) 579-4875

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