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Gigabit Transformers Provide Voltage Isolation

Voltage isolation for user safety and impedance matching for maximum power transfer is provided by the H5004 and H5007 1000Base-T magnetic modules. The Gigabit Ethernet products are designed for use in routers, switches, hubs, repeaters, servers, and NICs operating over traditional copper-based networks.The modules are backward-compatible with existing 10/100 Ethernet applications and are compliant with IEEE 802.3ab standards. Both are single-port modules designed to transmit and receive at 1000 Mbps over four pairs of Category 5 UTP cable. The H5004 consists of an isolation transformer with 1CT:1CT turns ratio and a common-mode choke on the media side. The H5007 adds a shunt choke for improved common-mode suppression. Both come in a 24-pin transfer molded package.

Company: PULSE

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TAGS: Components
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