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High-Bandwidth Probes Serve New DSOs

A new generation of high-bandwidth scope probes have unique features for hands-free operation, probe/DSO channel identification, high-utility replaceable probe tips, and other innovations. The three new probes, models HFP2500 (2.5 GHz bandwidth), HFP1500 (1.5 GHz), and HFP1000 (1.0 GHz) are matched to the three new digital oscilloscopes in the LeCroy WavePro series and preserve the full bandwidth of the oscilloscopes at the probe tip, the company says. The probes are physically small and have low mass. Each probe senses the scope channel it is driving and matches the color of that screen trace with an LED in the probe's tip. The company's Handsfree accessory, when attached to the probe, creates a very stable low-mass tripod that holds the probe onto the point under test.
A selection of plug-in tips for the HFP series facilitates reconfiguring the probe head for different probing environments. When used in combination with the ADPPS adapter, the HFP1000 may be used with test instruments from other vendors. Prices of the HFP2500, HFP1500 and HFP1000 are $2,450, $1,500, and $850, respectively. Price of the ADPPS is $110.


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