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High-Brightness LED Engines Look To Replace Incandescents

Targeting commercial and industrial applications like road signage, automobiles, and industrial lighting, a new series of low-cost LED light engines features brightness levels of up to 840 lumens/in.2 Based on Lamina Ceramics' proprietary low-temperature co-fired ceramic-on-metal (LTCC-M) technology, the engines' advanced ceramic packaging enables low-cost LED arrays for many rugged settings.

The LTCC-M packaging technology lets the engines operate up to 250°C, compared to about 70°C for many conventional plastic packages. The LED light engines are available in seven- or 134-element arrays. They emit red, green, blue, amber, or white light, visible even in direct sunlight. Light can be generated with viewing angles of up to 70°. The devices are rated for 100,000 hours and operate from either 120 V ac or 12 V dc. They require about 85% to 90% less power than comparable incandescent bulbs.

Prototypes can be had in four weeks. Pricing starts at $0.25.

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Lamina Ceramics

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