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High-Performance MCU Measures Only 2 By 2 mm

The C8051T606 low-cost, 8-bit mixed-signal microcontroller is the latest addition to a family of small-form-factor MCUs. With a 2- by 2-mm footprint, the C8051T606 is said to be the world’s smallest MCU. The high-performance CPU increases design flexibility and the integration of a voltage monitor and precision oscillator make the device well-suited for space-constrained applications like portable consumer products and accessories, gateways, and LED lighting. The hardware implementation of I2C and UART on-chip saves code space for customer applications code, and the integrated 24.5-MHz precision internal oscillator and flexible UART baud-rate generator allow UART communications over the full temperature and supply voltage range without the need for a crystal. The 25-MHz CPU enables real-time control, high-speed serial communications, fast interrupt servicing, and real-time conversion between two different communication ports. The CPU, combined with the programmable counter array allows a user to implement proprietary and custom interface protocols without requiring an ASIC. The C8051T606 is available now with prices beginning at $0.50 in quantities of 10,000. SILICON LABORATORIES INC., Austin, TX. (512) 426-8500.


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