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High-Voltage LEDs Enable Efficient Bulbs

High-Voltage LEDs Enable Efficient Bulbs

Entering the high-voltage domain for creating more efficient LED bulbs, the latest XLamp MX-6S and MX-3S LEDs sport the same footprint as the XLamp MX-6 and MX-3 LEDs while operating at higher voltages. The MX-6S LED delivers a luminous flux up to 139 lumens at 60 mA/20V in 6,000K and 114 lumens in 3,000K while the MX-3S provides up to 122 lumens at 115 mA/10.7V in 6,000K and 100 lumens in 3,000K. As per the company, the MX series LEDs deliver lighting-class performance for high-voltage LEDs including high reliability, high efficacy, and reliable color consistency. The MX-6S and MX-3S LEDs are available now in production quantities with standard lead times. CREE INC., Durham, NC. (919) 313-5300.

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