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<i>electronica 2006 UPDATE:</i> 17.11.2006<br><b>BU1570KN Adaptive Image Enhancer Corrects Low-light Images in Real Time</b>

Kyoto, Japan:
ROHM Co., Ltd. recently completed development of the BU1570KN, an adaptive image enhancer (AIE) LSI utilizing original hardware-based image processing technology. Only selected areas of images deemed too bright or too dark are corrected, significantly improving visibility and clarity. Sample shipments are available at a unit price of 1000 yen, with mass production slated to begin in December 2006 at a monthly rate of 100,000 units. ROHM's headquarters (in Kyoto, Japan) will be in charge of the primary stage of production while ROHM Electronics Philippines, INC. will be in charge of the secondary stage.

An increasing public awareness on crime prevention is making security systems incorporating cameras more popular. Cameras installed in various situations, such as intercom cameras attached to gateposts and surveillance cameras used in convenience stores, however, are subject to changes in the lighting environment, resulting in extremely poor visibility in some cases. ROHM's BU1570KN utilizes hardware-based image processing technology to raise or lower the brightness of only selected portions of the image, unlike conventional methods that uniformly raise the brightness of the entire photo. The result is a dramatic improvement in image clarity, under even the most severe lighting conditions.

Main Features of BU1570KN

  1. Utilizes original AIE technology (hardware-based image processing technology) that corrects each video image frame based on the lighting conditions.
  2. Integrates three blocks (brightness discrimination, image enhancement, and color correction) in order to correct camera images based on the AIE algorithm, optimizing performance.
  3. Uses the same interface for data input and output and can be easily added between the camera module and image processing block of existing systems, eliminating the need for large-scale system changes.
  4. Employs 0.13-µm CMOS hardware-based processing, resulting in high-speed image correction and low power consumption (15mA typ. at a core voltage of 1.5V, VGA — 30fps).
  5. Incorporates a color correction function for vivid image reproduction.
  6. Supports a wide range of cameras for home and security applications (up to 2 megapixels).
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