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Illuminator Extends Range For CCD Applications

Designed for black-and-white charge-coupled device (CCD) illumination for interior and exterior building security, as well as for covert operations, Model OD-669 High-Power Illuminator offers a visibility range of eight nautical miles using third-generation night vision goggles. An illumination distance of 30 feet is possible when used with a black-and-white security CCC camera. Total output power is 390 mw minimum and 500 mw typical at IF = 300 mA. Peak emission is stated to be 880 nm. The illuminator consists of nine high-current capacity LED chips connected in series on a beryllium-oxide substrate, and a TO-66 package provides ample heat dissipation. Unit pricing is $47.50 each/100 and delivery is from stock to four weeks.


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