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Infrared LEDs Produce Highly Collimated Outputs

Highly collimated output beam angles of ±2° and ±4° are possible with the CLE351 and CLE355 IR LEDs, respectively. Packaged in PLCCs, they can be operated up to 1 A when pulsed at 10 µs, at a rate of 100 pulses/s. Maximum operating temperature range is up to 100°C. The former contains an aluminum-gallium-arsenide (AlGaAs) source die. It delivers 300-µW/cm2 maximum irradiance at IF of 20 mA and 5-ns rise and fall times at VF of 1.7 V and IF of 20 mA. The latter contains an AlGaAs DDH die. It delivers 1.5-mW output power minimum at IF of 1.5 µW and has rise and fall times of 20 ns and 40 ns at maximum VF of 1.7 V and IF of 20 mA. In 1000-unit quantities, they're priced at $1.86 and $1.32 each, respectively, with delivery in four to six weeks.

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