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Infrared Receiver Modules Handle Multitude of Applications

Infrared Receiver Modules Handle Multitude of Applications

Two new series of infrared receiver modules greatly expand Vishay Intertechnology's offerings in that market space. One line includes eight series of IR modules in a new Minicast package that features high immunity against electro-magnetic interference (EMI) and a high-precision band filter. The second set adds four modules with superior performance for pulse-distance coding to the company's TSOP1xxxx series.

The Minicast devices (Fig. 1) are designed as drop-in replacements for standard small-size modules in remote control applications for consumer electronics, computer, air-conditioning, game console, and industrial systems. A patented internal metal shield maintains high immunity from noise signals, such as those from fluorescent lighting. Each Minicast device includes a photodetector and preamplifier circuit, mounted within a 3-pin epoxy-encapsulated module with an integrated semi-cylindrical lens. The devices come in 3- and 5-V versions using carrier frequencies from 30 kHz to 56 kHz.

In the pulse-distance coding arena, the new TSOP1xxxx modules (Fig. 2) address the class of coding protocols using pulse-to-pulse or simply presence-of-pulse timing methods. The TSOP18238, TSOP19238, TSOP14838, and TSOP12238 are functionally equivalent to the current standard 38-kHz devices in the TSOP4xxx, TSOP2xxx, TSOP58xxx, and TSOP59xxx series. Each includes a photodetector and preamp circuit, mounted in a 3-pin epoxy-coated encapsulated module with an integrated lens. Two standard package types are available, as well as three industry-standard pin configurations. The devices operate at 5 V with a transmission range of 35 m, using a 38-kHz carrier. They include an automatic gain control circuit for enhanced immunity against optical noise and an internal metal shield for EMI protection.

Both the Minicast and TSOP1xxxx IR modules are available now, with four-week lead times for large orders. The Minicast devices cost $0.24 each and the TSOP1xxxx devices are $0.65 each. For large quantities, contact the company.

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