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Interactive Remote Controls Feature Enhanced Versatility

Two additions to Interlink Electronics' Interactive Remote Control (IRC) family, the IRC-TE and IRC-TG, accelerate product development and reduce engineering costs. Like all IRC models, these multibutton controls use Interlink's proprietary 360° "mouse" pointing button and patented ClickTrigger case design.

These devices combine the distinctiveness of fully customized remote controls with the lower costs and rapid development cycles typically associated with private-label solutions. Both rely on a pair of AAA batteries for power. They also use an infrared communications link to provide a 10-m wireless range. Their transmitter supports 360° mouse pointing, left and right mouse click functions, an optional laser pointer, and key backlighting. Designers have a choice of case color as well.

The IRC-TE's case design provides two user-configurable keypad areas (lower figure). Manufacturers may selectively populate as many as 14 standard-sized keys onto these two areas, using graphic overlays or LED indicators to cover unused key locations. Alternatively, OEMs can fully customize these keypads, specifying the exact shape, location, and function of the keys.

The IRC-TG's compact case accommodates up to six buttons on its surface and more on a keypad area concealed under a flip cover. Designers may selectively populate as many as nine keys in this area, using graphic overlays to cover unused locations. Its flip-top door also can be used as a mode switch, changing the function of the unit's primary six outer keys when open.

To help OEMs se-lect the combination of IRC-TE or IRC-TG options that best meets their needs, Interlink's IRC Design Wizard document specifies all aspects of remote-control customization.

Interlink Electronics Inc., 546 Flynn Rd., Camarillo, CA 93012; (800) 340-1331, (805) 484-8855; fax (805) 484-8989; www.interlinkelec.com.

To receive a copy of the IRC Design Wizard, call (800) 340-1331 or (805) 484-1331, or fax (805) 484-8989.

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