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Isolated Supply Can Reside Anywhere In PC/104 Stack

By means of its PC/104+ connector, the Model 207 isolated power supply can be placed in any position in a PC/104 card stack. Three different terminations are available for applying input power, with one being a spring-loaded terminal block that accepts two wires; no connector or wire terminal lugs are required. The unit has two outputs for supplying regulated power to external devices. Input voltages range from 9Vdc to 36 Vdc and dual outputs are 5 Vdc at 2A maximum or ±12 Vdc at 0.42A maximum. The supply also comes with a resettable fuse to protect the unit from reverse input voltages and over-current conditions. It also has three LEDs to indicate output power is available. Price of a 5V unit is $159, while 5V and 12V models costs $240 each. For further information, contact Colette Roth at SENSORAY, Tigard, OR. (503) 684-8005.


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