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Lamps, Bulbs Can Be Custom Designed

A variety of standard and custom-designed lamps and bulbs has been developed by the company. Incandescent lamps range from 1.15 Vdc to 240 Vac. The products come in midget, sub-midget, and miniature sized bases, including: flanged, grooved, screw, bayonet, bi-pin, single/double contact bayonet/pre-focus, wire terminals, candelabra, intermediate, knurled screw, slide, wedge, and others. Standard voltage lamps range from 3W to 110W with single/double contact, candelabra, intermediate, medium, long shell medium, disc, spring contact, and pre-focus bases. Neon lamps range from 1/25W to 1/2W with wire terminal, single/double contact bayonet, flanged, candelabra, and screw bases. Flourescent lamps range from 4W to 110W with circular, preheat/rapid-start, high-output, decorative, daylight, white, warm, and cool white colors. Xenon flash tubes come in straight, U, helix, quartz, studio light, quench tube, timing/signal light and other types. There is a wide selection of styles, sizes, shapes, volts, amps, watts, filament shapes, and terminals. Pricing depends on specifications and quantity. SHOGYO INTERNATIONAL CORP., Plainview, NY. (516) 349-5200.


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