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Laser Sensors Said To Operate Safely In All Applications

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Claimed to be the first such sensor line to have Class 1 rating per EN 60825-1, guaranteeing safety in all applications and eliminating the problems often associated with bean termination, the 18K series of laser position sensors uses a 650-mm red laser and is available in all popular sensing modes, including diffuse, retroreflective and thru-beam to cover an assortment of presence sensing assignments. A response time of 333 µs and switching frequency of 1.5 kHz make the 18-mm tubular sensors well-suited for use in high-speed applications such as assembly and packaging lines. Diffuse versions have a range to 300 mm and resolution to 0.5 mm for applications requiring high accuracy at short sensing distances. For longer range applications, polarized retroreflective versions are available with a range to 12m and resolution to 1 mm, while thru-beam versions extend the range to 50m with resolution to 2.5 mm. The CE-rated 18K lasers operate on 10-30 Vdc and are protected against short-circuits and reverse polarity. Their ABS plastic housings are sealed to IP67 and are available with a four-pole M12 connector. Sensitivity is potentiometer-adjustable and status LEDs confirm output function and signal stability to speed setup.

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