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LED Chips Hit The Road

Focusing on mobile-appliance markets, the UT230, XB500, and XT290 chip LEDs backlight blue and white keypads, power the flash in digital cameras, and provide LCD backlighting, respectively. The UT230 offers two radiant flux levels at 20 mA, one at 5.5 mW minimum for blue and one at 8 mW for white keypads. Forward voltage is 2.9V typical at 5 mA and 3.3V typical at 20 mA. The chip measures 230 µm x 230 µm x 85 µm and comes in both 460 nm and 470 nm versions. The XB500 power chip is available in blue and green and delivers a minimum radiant flux of 44 mW for blue and 20 mW for green at 125 mA. Typical forward voltages are 3.5V (blue) and 3.6V (green). The XT290 exhibits the same performance specs as its XT-line predecessors and is designed to meet low-temperature packaging requirements in LCD backlighting applications. For further information and pricing, call CREE INC., Durham, NC., (919) 313-5300.

Company: CREE INC

Product URL: Click here for more information

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