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LED Downlight Replaces 2’ x 2’ Fluorescent Troffers

Offered as a brighter, lighter weight, and more efficient replacement for 2’ x 2’ fluorescent lay-in troffers, the OL2 Series LED ceiling light employs the company’s edge lighting technology that uses 100 LEDs spaced along two sides of the light guide.  Four models are available with color temperatures ranging from warm white to cool white: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, and 6000K. Brightness ranges from 2,050 to 2840 lumens with efficiencies from 45.5 Lm/W at 3000K to 62.8 Lm/W at 6000K. CRI is greater than 75% and power consumption is 45W. Lifetime is 30,000 hours. Pricing for OL2 Series troffer downlight assemblies begins at $122.79 each/100. GLOBAL LIGHTING TECHNOLOGIES INC., Brecksville, OH. (866) 922-4584.

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