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LED Downlights Are Slim, Light, Efficient

LED Downlights Are Slim, Light, Efficient

Combining edge-lit LED light guide technology with mass production capabilities, the latest troffer downlights are slim, light, efficient, and can be cost effectively manufactured in high volumes. The troffer backlight employs advanced light extraction technologies to deliver light precisely where needed. The LEDs are spaced along the edge of the troffer assembly against the light guide to create an assembly measuring 23.5” x 23.5” with a thickness of 0.35” and a weight of less than 6.6 lbs. The edge-lighting approach achieves maximum efficiency with a brightness of 24 lumens at an output of 400 ±30 lux at 2m, a color temperature of 4,000K/6,000K, and a power consumption of 45W. Pricing for edge-lit troffer backlights varies according to size, application, number of LEDs, and quantity. For more details, call GLOBAL LIGHTING TECHNOLOGIES INC., Brecksville, OH. (866) 922-4584.


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