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LED Driver Reduces Size Of Lighting Products

LED Driver Reduces Size Of Lighting Products

The DLD101 LED driver handles up to 1A of linear mode constant current and promises to reduce the size and cost of a range of general illumination products. Residing in a low-profile DFN package, the highly integrated device boasts high thermal efficiency, allegedly ensuring higher power dissipation than comparable SOT23 ICs. A unique base accessible pre-biased transistor allows the driver to integrate biasing resistors on chip, which in turn allows LED current to be set via a single external resistor without the need for an additional boost transistor. Yet another claim, the DLD101 also completely removes the EMI signature associated with switching regulator solutions. Price for the DLD101 1A linear mode constant current LED driver is $0.25 each/10,000. DIODES INC., Westlake Village, CA. (805) 446-4800.
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