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LED Driver Simplifies Low Voltage Designs

LED Driver Simplifies Low Voltage Designs

Tailored for low-voltage lighting design operating between 6V and 30V, the AL8805 LED driver is a 1A, buck mode constant current switching converter supporting up to 10 3W LEDs connected in series. The device suits a range of low-cost, safe electrical designs including the MR16 lamp. The driver’s typical constant current output accuracy is 5%, irrespective of source voltage and LED chain length. Dimming is achieved by either a dc voltage or PWM signal on the AL8805’s control input and a voltage between 0.5V and 2.5V yields an output current between 25% and 100% of nominal. A PWM signal between normal CMOS or TTL levels offers a 1,000:1 dynamic dimming range. In a SOT25 package, price for the AL8805 is $0.90 each/1,000. DIODES INC., Westlake Village, CA. (805) 446-4800.

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