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LED Panels Generate Up To 2,160 Lumens

LED Panels Generate Up To 2,160 Lumens

Suiting up for streetlight and industrial lighting apps, the VLSLxx family of light panels employs 24 LEDs to deliver a luminous flux up to 2,160 lumens. The VLSL30 panel features cool white LEDs with a temperature range of 5,000K to 7,000K and a luminous flux of 2,160 lumens while the VLSL31 panel features neutral white LEDs with a temperature range from 3,800K to 5,000K and a luminous flux of 1,900 lumens. Both panels use four strings of six LEDs on a single-sided, single-layer copper-based PCB and measure 135 mm x 121 mm. An optional driver, the VLSL3-DU, enables an output power up to 56W and offers eight boost-regulated constant-current channels, each with six LEDs. The driver provides power for two light panels and features reverse polarity protection, closed-loop regulated current control, and a 12-Vdc input with under-voltage and over-voltage control and load-dump protection. The panels also come in development kits that provide a LED panel, VLSL-REFL01 reflectors, and a VLSL3-DU driver module. Separate single-unit pricing for the VLSL30 or VLSL31 light panels is $100 each, VLSL-REFL01 reflector is $10 each, and the VLSL3-DU driver is $125 each. Offered together as a kit, pricing is $222 for the VLSL30-LDK or VLSL31-LDK. VISHAY INTERTECHNOLOGY, INC., Malvern, PA. (619) 336-0860.


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