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LED Venture Focuses On Solid-State Lighting

LED vendor Lumex of Palatine, Ill., has created a new organization called the Sunbrite Group to develop LED-based lighting solutions. The Sunbrite Group's light sources will target signage, traffic control, automotive signalling, and general lighting, which have traditionally used incandescent or fluorescent lamps.

Compared to these sources, LED-based lights offer reduced power consumption, longer operating life, and greater reliability. The company plans to offer a catalog of standard, off-the-shelf products, but it will also allow for custom variations.

The Sunbrite Group will exploit Lumex's abilities to make and package high-brightness LED chips. Lumex fabricates chips based on an aluminum-indium-gallium-phosphide (AlInGaP) chemistry as well as an indium-gallium-nitride (InGaN) chemistry on a silicon-carbide (SiC) substrate.

In addition, Lumex has a polyLED packaging technique that creates a matrix of LED chips in which each chip is encapsulated within its own dome-shaped lens. These chemistry and packaging technologies will be the basis for the new division's outdoor lighting sources.

Sunbrite will also offer a range of round multichip lamps and square dot-matrix lamps for general lighting applications. These lamps may include three to 24 LEDs with intensities as high as 5000 mcd per LED chip, or as much as 55,000 mcd for a complete filament-lamp replacement unit. And, the group will provide surface-mount and leaded LEDs as well as LED clusters and strips for channel lighting in outdoor signs.

For traffic and automotive applications, the Sunbrite Group will supply round and rectangular brake, signal, and warning lights in 1- to 7-in. diameters along with traffic signal replacement lamps in 8- and 12-in. diameters. For details, see www.sunbriteleds.com or call (800) 278-5666, ext. 525.

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