Electronic Design

LEDs Raise Viewing-Quality Bar

The company’s latest series high-brightness oval through-hole LEDs boast new performance standards for electronic signage applications. The HLMP-Lx75, HLMP-Hx74/75, and HLMP-Ax74/75 LEDs feature a matched RGB radiation pattern designed to maintain consistent light and uniform color mixing from all viewing angles. The HLMP-Lx75 and HLMP-Hx74/75 LED series offer a typical viewing angle of 40° by 100° while the HLMP-Ax74/75 LEDs offer 30° by 70°. The red AlInGaP LEDs are available at 626-nm dominant wavelength and green InGaN and blue InGaN LEDs are available at 530-nm and 470-nm, respectively. The green and blue HLMP-Lx75, HLMP-Hx74/75 and HLMP-Ax74/75 LEDs are priced at $0.21 each/2,000 pieces and the red LEDs are priced at $0.12 each/2,000. AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES, San Jose, CA. (877) 673-9442.

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