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Lenses Enable Efficient Outdoor Lighting Apps

Lenses Enable Efficient Outdoor Lighting Apps

The STRADA-F Series asymmetrical lenses direct high-quality, low-power LED light in a forward pattern. As a result, lighting designers no longer have to tilt a PCB or fixture to achieve proper light distribution. The lenses measure 15.4 mm x 19.6 mm long, are molded from UV-stabilized optical-grade PMMA plastic, and achieve over 90% transmission efficiency. STRADA-FT measures 8.2-mm high and directs light in a forward peak of 55. The slightly taller STRADA-FW measures 10.8-mm high and offers a wider emitting pattern in a forward peak of 55°.  Additionally, the STRADA-F Series is optimized for peak performance with LEDs from Cree, Philips Lumileds, Osram, Nichia, and others. For more details, call Jin Pan at LEDIL OY, (408) 416-7885 or [email protected].

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