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Level Sensors Remain Accurate In Challenging Fluids

Whether they deploy in medical apps such as waste, reagent, and diluent liquids or dark, sticky, viscous fluids, the CAP-100/-200 Series level sensors promise to remain accurate. The non-contact CAP-100 components mount externally on non-metallic tanks and bottles with wall thicknesses up to 5/8” and the CAP-200 Series mounts via a threaded 0.5”NPT boss in either metallic or plastic vessels. Made with Delrin, CAP-200 sensors suit food and beverage apps without needing a sensor well. Both series include models supporting aqueous or non-aqueous liquid detection with a choice of wet- or dry-sink switch actuation. The CAP-100 measures 57 mm x 30 mm while the CAP-200 measures 52-mm long. Other features include LED signal/power indicators, potentiometers for sensitivity adjustments, and an operating voltage range from 10 to 48 Vdc. GEMS SENSORS & CONTROLS, Plainville, CT. (800) 378-1600.
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