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Light-Detector Probe Meets CIE Condition "A" To Measure LEDs

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Designed for use with the company's IL1400A hand-held radiometer, the CIE LED measurement detector conforms to CIE condition "A" for the measurement of LEDs. Both the radiometer and the new probe feature a light-tight baffled input optic assembly which conforms to the condition's distance of 316 mm and anti-reflection requirements.
Available with pre-programmed detectors that are NIST traceable, the portable radiometer auto-ranges to cancel ambient light. The instrument operates over a measurement range from 20µ candelas up to 5k candelas and provides direct readouts on an LCD.
To ensure a uniform quality measurement, both the probe and radiometer have a circular entrance aperture with a 100-mm area. Ficturing for condition "B" distance of 100 mm and custom fixtures and calibrations are optional.
Pricing for the IL1400A radiometer with the CIE LED measurement detector starts at $1,740 depending on the detector selected.

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