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Light Pipe Family Embraces Novel Members

Including its three novel, corner illumination units with diffused and serrated front surfaces for even illumination of both panel faces, the microLED Optopipe light pipe family includes more than 20 styles. The corner configuration models include: a single light pipe designed to be sandwiched between two sections of a plastic housing and illuminated by super-bright 3- or 5-mm LEDs; a six-array unit that is heat staked to the case for illuminating radiused corners of plastic housings; and a single unit ultrasonically welded inside a plastic housing and illuminated by one of two SMT LEDs of AlInGaP orange, red or yellow. Other offerings are: rectangular light pipes in singles and arrays, including two RJ45 styles; round singles, arrays and 3-mm light pipes with light shielded assembly for panel mounting and use with discrete LEDs; and a square, 12-array device.


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