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Light Pipe Sports 7-mm Lens And Reduces Light Loss

Offering a 4-mm wider viewing area and greater contrast ratio than the company’s previous light pipes, the FLP 5 Series incorporates a round-shaped, 7-mm nominal lens size. Via a clear honeycomb lens structure, the pipes reduce light loss from 4% (typical) to under 3%. The design also claims to increase the number of light dispersing Fresnel details from two to four. The flexible, flame-retardant, UL-rated tubing allows users to extend the pipe to any LED location up to 100m away.
Available in super-bright red, green, blue, yellow and amber, and ultra blue, turquoise and green, and high-efficiency red, users have a choice of either through-hole or surface-mount configurations. Typical pricing is about $0.75 for a full assembly measuring 6" in length.

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