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Light Pipes Glow Brightly Over Wide Viewing Angle

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The new FLP-O Series of LED light pipe assemblies is designed to maintain maximum brightness across a wide range of viewing angles, regardless of indicator/ viewer relationship. The series is said to employ advanced light focusing technology that allows the LEDÕs full captured intensity to be seen from further distances and at more varied angles than conventional lens styles. Consisting of a new wide angle lens and flexible light pipe, the FLP-O Series features an oval-shaped lens cap assembly in both through-hole and surface-mount configurations. The cap assemblyÕs visible area measures 0.125" wide x 0.250" long and its recommended mounting footprint is only 0.114" x 0.224" ±0.002". The series is offered in a wide selection of colors and has a typical price in production quantities of under $1.50 each. For more information, contact Anthony Vilgiate at BIVAR INC., San Jose, CA. (949) 951-8808

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