Electronic Design

Lighthouse Processor Powers Sunday Night Football

Lighthouse Technologies’ ultra fine resolution R4 4mm LED screen will broadcast Sunday Night Football on NBC this fall. New York-based production company AG Light and Sound Inc. is responsible for the installation and operation of the 2-foot by 6 foot screen. It is positioned at the rear of the onsite broadcast booth. An XClyps video playback system from Chyron supplies the video feed from NBC’s mobile production studio. The system is composed of an HD background loop with a live feed of scores and HD-SDI input. This data is then fed through a Lighthouse LIP-KX Interface Processor to the screen. "We decided on the Lighthouse R4 screen because of its very fine resolution," James Watral, AG Light and Sound Production Manager, said in a statement. "It’s ideal for this type of 'close up' televised application." "We are finding an increasing amount of interest in 4mm LED screen within the US broadcast industry," Joe Lapchick, Eastern U.S. Sales Manager for Lighthouse, said in a statement. "The fine pixel pitch and quiet operation of the fanless design make it ideal for these environments."

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