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Lighthouse Tech Powers Casino’s Giant LED Screen

Billed as one of the largest indoor LED screens in Asia, the 19.84- by 6.72-m screen in the StarWorld Hotel and Casino in Macau is made up of 434 P10 Super Quiet LED units from Lighthouse Technologies Ltd. The screen, in the hotel’s main gaming hall, is arrayed on a gentle curve. It is in operation 24 hours a day, with content featuring casino and hotel promotions, advertising videos, and an array of live performances.

With 2000 nits brightness, excellent contrast and color conformity, and a 140° viewing angle, the slim-profile P10 was well-suited for forming the curved screen that StarWorld desired to complement the hall’s modern decor. Also, the P10’s fanless operation means its runs silently and produces no movement of air, which could produce discomfort in an enclosed area.

“Ultimate quality and reliability are at the heart of the StarWorld Hotel and Casino’s service ethic and we need all our facilities to be able to deliver both,” said a hotel representative. “The Lighthouse P10 screen has provided all the benefits we wanted from a large screen in the gambling hall, but with no drawbacks whatsoever.”

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