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Lightweight Toggle Switches Target Handhelds

Two new series of illuminated toggle switches from NKK Switches are extremely lightweight, making them an ideal choice for front panel interfaces or handheld devices. The toggle actuators of both the G series ultra-miniature and the B series subminiature illuminated switches are manufactured from a clear polyamide, allowing the LED color to fully illuminate through the entire actuator with a bright and jeweled appearance. In the subminiature toggles, a patent-pending bushing is also fully illuminated. These features allow for highly visible status indication. Available LED choices include red, green, amber, and bicolor red/green illumination (see photo).

The height and width of the ultra-miniature G series is 0.276 inches and the depth is 0.177 inches. The G switch’s toggle actuator is 0.150 inches in length. The subminiature B series height and width is 0.516 inches and depth is 0.346 inches. The B switch’s toggle is 0.248 inches in length with the illuminated bushing measuring 0.106 inches high.

Applications requiring high-density mounting are further facilitated with the standard 0.100 inch by 0.100 inch PC terminal spacing. Rated at 0.4 VA @ 28 V AC/DC maximum, both the B series and G series are available in single-pole maintained circuit options of ON-ON and ON-OFF-ON. These devices can be specified in straight PC, right angle, or vertical mount terminations.

Both series use the company’s STC (sliding twin crossbar) contact mechanism. This contact mechanism provides positive and smooth detent, increased contact stability, and excellentlogic-level reliability. Both series have a mechanical life rating of 100,000 operations minimum. The B series has an electrical life rating of 50,000 operations minimum and the G series electrical life is rated at 100,000 operations minimum.

Pricing for these illuminated toggle series starts at $3.29 each at 1000-piece quantitiess. Availability is stock to 7 weeks.

NKK Switches

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