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Low Power Lamps Enter Incandescent Bulb Mart

Another family of lamps has been readied to challenge incandescent bulbs in automotive, traffic, handheld device, and other applications. The BAS-B Series features low power dissipation and easy interchangeability with incandescents while delivering the same intensity of light. The new lamps use conventional insertion techniques and are available in 10-mm bayonet and screw-based styles with a 20¡ viewing angle; a 17-mm package with a 25¡ viewing angle is also available.BAS-B Series lamps come in super red, blue, green and ultra yellow colors, with peak wave lengths ranging from 470 to 660 nm. White lamps are also available. When turned off, the lamps are water clear.The lamps also feature a spring retention mechanical lock that is said to provide exellent contact. Price is under $1 each in large quantities. For more details, call George Lee at AMERICAN BRIGHT OPTOELECTRONICS CORP., Brea, CA. (714) 257-0800.


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