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MCU Packs All MP3 Storage Interfaces

The AT89C51SND1 debuts as an integrated, stand-alone hard-wired MPEGI/II Layer-3 decoder with a C51 microcontroller core that provides data-flow and MP3-player control. Providing all necessary mass-storage interfaces, the device integrates an embedded MP3 decoder and serial, parallel, USB, dual IDE/ATAPI, and multimedia-card interfaces. It also provides man machine interfaces such as a keypad interface, LED drive, LCD interface, a 10-bit a/d converter, and voice recording. Other features include an operating power consumption down to 25 mA, 64 KB of flash memory, and 4 KB of boot EEPROM. Available in 1.4 mm QFP80 and 9 mm x 9 mm CABGA81 packages, prices are $9 for the AT89C51SND1, $7 for the AT83SND1 ROM version, and $6.50 for the AT80C51SND1 ROM-less version each/10,000. ATMEL CORP., San Jose, CA. (408) 441-0311.

Company: ATMEL CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Components
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