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Module Enables Online Remote Control

Designed for remote-control chores over Ethernet and the Internet, the 24-channel Internet Remote Port (IRP) is equally comfortable in industrial/commercial settings and laboratories and universities. The module has the TCP/IP stack in firmware and uses UDP packets for communicating with the host application. Its 24 ports are individually configurable as input or output, and a Schmitt-trigger option is available for input ports. Other features include CMOS/TTL level configuration for input ports, integrated EEPROM, LED indicators, 5V regulator, and support for ARP, IP, ICMP, UDP, BOOTP, and DHCP protocols. The module includes a utility program for manual I/O port control, IP address assignment, and device configuration. US price for an industrial version is $119; an educational module is available for $105. UNISTEP TECHNOLOGIES, Toronto, Canada. (416) 694-3111.


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