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New LEDs Boast Extreme Brightness

A new low-current, surface-mount LED is based on ultra-bright AllnGaP technology. Measuring 1.6 mm x 0.8 mm x 0.6 mm, the StarLED is compatible with the industry standard 0603 footprint. The package consists of a lead frame base, embedded in a clear epoxy. A super red LED, or model TLMS1100, has a typical forward current of 63 mA and a dominant wavelength of 633 nm. Orange model TLMO1100 is rated at 80 mA and 606 nm; yellow model JLMY110080 is rated at 80 mA and 587 nm; green model TLMG1100 is rated at 35 mA and 570 nm; pure green model TLMP1100 is rated at 15 mA and 558 nm; and blue model TLMB1100 is rated at 13 mA and 466 nm. The StarLED features an angle of half intensity of typical ±80 and ESD-withstand voltage of up to 1 kV. Automatic assembly is simplified with CECC compatibility for reflow soldering. It is designed also for a lead-free solder process. Operating temperature range is -40°C to +100°C. The StarLED is suitable for applications such as backlight keypads, thinner mobile phones, indicator and backlight for audio and video equipment, battery-driven equipment and office equipment, flat backlight for LCDs, switches and symbols, consumer appliances and medical instruments. ECOMAL DEUTSCHLAND GMBH, Kirchzarten, Germany. +49-07661-395-0.


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