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New Members Added To Low-Voltage Logic Family

The Crossvolt LCX low-voltage logic family has been expanded to include the 74LCX06 hex inverter/buffer and 74LCX07 hex buffer. Included on the Intel 810 chipset (Whitney chipset) reference design for the Celeron processor, the devices are geared for use in achieving maximum current drive without system or device damage. They feature 5V over-voltage tolerance on the inputs and outputs and provide a low voltage upgrade path for legacy DM7406 and DM7407 devices. In the Whitney chipset, the 74LCX06, a low-voltage hex inverter/buffer with open drain outputs, and 74LCX07, a low-voltage hex buffer with open drain outputs, are used to drive LEDs from the IDE connector and the integrated controller hub, as well as the drive power supply control signals and buffer power status signals in the voltage regulator module. Both devices feature noise/EMI reduction circuitry and come in SOIC and TSSOP packages.


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