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Occupancy Sensors Streamline Lighting Management

Encelium’s latest family of low-voltage occupancy sensors includes a full range of passive infrared (PIR) and dual technology (Ultrasonic/PIR) low-voltage sensors available in both wall- and ceiling-mount configurations. The sensors are tailored for use with the company’s Energy Control System (ECS) as well as stand-alone sensor applications for projects where ECS may not be suitable. PIR and Ultrasonic line-voltage wall switches are also available plus 120V, 277V, and 347V power packs. Any of the low-voltage sensors can be converted to line-voltage use with a Power Pack (PPK-020/PPK-347) or a unique Power Base Adaptor (PBA-015). Working within the ECS architecture, parameters including time-outs, support zones, integration with time schedules, sharing of occupancy data with building management systems, and zone control, are all configured through Encelium’s Polaris 3D software, which is used to commission, configure and manage the ECS. Encelium Technologies, Teaneck, NJ. (201) 928-2400.

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