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Discrete IR Components Serve High-Speed, High-Power Applications
Members of four series of discrete infrared (IR) components come in miniature surface-mount packages with an integrated lens measuring 2.5 by 2.0 mm with a 2.8-mm height profile. The devices suit various applications, including steering-wheel en-coders, window controls in auto- mobiles, and IrDA-compatible data transmission in personal digital assistants and notebook computers.

The 950-nm TEMT10xx photo transistor and TSML 10xx infrared emitter series suit photo interrupter, miniature light barrier, optical carrier, and infrared sensor applications. The transistors feature high sensitivity, a 2-µs turn-on time, and a daylight filter that reduces the effects of near-IR radiation. The emitters provide a radiant power of 35 mW, a typical radiant intensity of up to 300 mW per steradian, and a typical forward voltage of just 1.35 V.

The 870-nm TEMD10xx photo PIN diodes provide 4-ns rise and fall times with high intensity enabled by a ±15° viewing angle and a 0.25-mm2 radiant sensitive area. The 870-nm TSMF10xx devices combine high-performance 30-ns rise and fall times with radiant power of 35 mW. They feature forward voltage of just 1.4 V.

All four devices are offered with four lead configuration options, including gull wing, reverse gull wing, yoke, and axial. Also, they are supplied in tape-and-reel form for high-speed assembly.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Vishay Intertechnology Inc., 63 Lincoln Hwy., Malvern, PA 19355-2120; (610) 644-1300; fax (610) 296-0657; www.vishay.com.

Rate-Agile Optical Receiver Solution Operates At 1X And 2X Data Rates
The AMT8301T46F/L rate-agile optical transceiver solution operates at both 1X and 2X Fibre Channel data rates. This allows network designers to easily scale up capacity in storage area networks (SANs).

The system demonstrates industry-leading sensitivity of better than −19 dBm overvoltage and temperature at 1.0625- and 2.125-Gbit/s data rates. It operates with a supply voltage of 3.3 V with less than 45 mW power dissipation. Also, it features an integrated 850-nm MSM detector and TIA.

In order to support the coupling requirements of various transceiver designs, current housing options include either TO-46 ultra-flat window or ball lens packaging. A TO-56 package suited for use in small form factor (SFF) modules will be available in the future.

In 1000-unit quantities, the AMT8301T46F/L costs $15.50.

Anadigics Inc., 35 Technology Dr., Warren, NJ 07059; (908) 668-5000; fax (908) 668-5132; www.anadigics.com.

Line Of Surface-Mount LEDs Spans A Wide Range Of Applications
The Surfeeleds family of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and accessories includes the industry's first SMT numeric character LED display. The family spans a wide range, starting with bare LED chips in wafer and die forms in a choice of AlInGaP super yellow, super orange, and super red colors.

The packaged SMT LED devices include 0402, 0603, 0606, 0805, 2- by 3-mm, 1106, 1206, 1210, 2530, 2832, and small outline transistor (SOT) package styles. The special-purpose diodes include low-battery indicators in a choice of 1206 and 1210 SMT packages, and ceramic carrier high-reliability LEDs which are able to withstand the heat of wave soldering. Axial-leaded devices include eight different SMT styles, with a choice of J-wing, gull-wing, yoke-bend, and Z-bend leads.

Surfeeleds in a dome lens configuration provide a narrower angle of emission and a higher on-axis intensity of light output. Full-color devices combine a red, blue, and green LED chip in a single SMT package, making full-color displays possible. Right-angle devices have their major axis of emission parallel to the PC board on which they are mounted.

Surfeeled light pipes allow the LED device to be mounted conveniently on the circuit board, while the light pipe transports the emitted light to the desired location in a panel or display. The seven-segment SMT numeric display can be used to create instrument indicators, counters, timers, and read-outs in controllers and test equipment.

Contact the company for information concerning the pricing and availability of the Surfeeled line.

Lumex Inc., 290 E. Hellen Rd., Palatine, IL 60067; (800) 278-5666; fax (847) 359-8904; www.lumex.com.

PIN Photodiodes Offer High-Speed Response At Low Reverse Voltage
The G8198 series of InGaAs PIN photodiodes suits optical fiber communications applications such as Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet networks. These photodiodes provide high-speed response at low reverse voltage, low noise, low dark current, and low terminal capacitance.

With a VR of 2 V, the G8198-01 has a 3-GHz response and the G8198-02 has a 2-GHz response. Typical dark current is 0.06 nA for the G8198-01 and 0.08 nA for the G8198-02. Terminal capacitance of the G8198-01 and G8198-02 is 0.6 pF and 0.9 pF, respectively. Both photodiodes have a spectral response range of 0.9 to 1.7 µm, with peak sensitivity achieved at 1.55 µm. Photo sensitivity is typically 0.95 A/W at 1.55 µm. The active area of the G8198-01 is Φ40 µm while that of the G8198-02 is Φ80 µm.

The G8198 series comes in a 2.7- by Φ4.2-mm package. The operating temperature ranges from −40°C to 85°C. In OEM quantities, the series is priced at $38.

Hamamatsu Corp., 360 Foothill Rd., Box 6910, Bridgewater, NJ 08807-0910; (908) 231-0960; fax (908) 231-1218; Internet: www.hamamatsu.com.

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